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The Seychelles or Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles, is an island nation located in the western Indian Ocean, consisting of several archipelagos located to the north and northeast of Madagascar. Seychelles is part of the Seychelles itself, the Amirante Islands, the Farquhar Islands, the Aldabra Islands and some other scattered islands. In addition to Madagascar, its closest neighbors are Mauritius, to the southeast, the Comoros and Mayotte to the southwest, and the Gloriosa Islands to the south. Capital: Victoria. Together with Libya and Mauritius, they are the only countries on the African continent with Human Development Index considered high.
The traveler must be a valid passport holder for the duration of the stay, but a higher validity is advised to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.
Citizens of the European Union do not require a tourist visa and only need to present proof of return travel and accommodation in the archipelago during their stay on arrival in the Seychelles. The length of stay allowed without a visa is 30 days.
Official language
English, French and Creole from Seychelles
Seychelles Rupee
Seychelles is an island nation located in the western Indian Ocean, consisting of several archipelagos located to the north and northeast of Madagascar. There are two categories of islands: the granitic ones of the interior, which group around the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, whose green peaks arise from the virgin forests and pristine beaches; and those from the outside: crystalline and calm waters with islands surrounded by corals that extend westwards towards the coast of Africa. They include the legendary region of Aldabra, the world's largest coral reef.

Seychelles is a primitive sanctuary for several species of flora and fauna. The islands harbor an extraordinary diversity of birds that can be discovered in nature or in preservation areas. Discover the treasures of this "living" natural history museum along its trails, through its breathtaking landscape, several national parks and other reserves and its growing number of exciting eco-tourism ventures. One of the main attractions of the Seychelles is the giant tortoises, animals very similar to those found in the famous Galapagos Islands. Aldabra is one of the islands more distant of the archipelago and where more copies are found.
Seychelles is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aldabra, the largest coral atoll in the world and the Vallee de Mai in Praslin, believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden.
The cuisine of the Seychelles is rich and varied, it is a fusion of French, Chinese and Indian cuisine, which includes spices and herbs (turmeric, curry, etc.), fish, meat, rice, fruits and vegetables.

Typical fish dishes cooked in multiple forms, including tuna, mackerel, squid molluscs, among others. The tektek, also very appreciated, is a crustacean that is cooked in an onion soup, ginger, garlic and parsley. Palourd, which looks like small scallops, is served as an appetizer with garlic butter and Dauber's aroma, a sweet sauce or stew.

The most consumed desserts are the fresh fruits typical of the tropical climate, such as passion fruit, mango and papaya.

As for the typical drinks, it is worth mentioning the Calou, which consists of a juice of fermented coconut palm, and Bacca, the sugar of the fermented cane juice. Citronelle, a tea made with a very aromatic herb from the mountains called Andropogon, is also a much appreciated suggestion for those who appreciate it.
The local climate is tropical, temperate and quite humid by the influence of the sea. The temperature varies little throughout the year. Temperatures in Mahe vary between 24 ° C and 30 ° C. During the months of July and August, the coolest, the temperature goes down to 21 ° C. The warm months are from December through April, with a higher humidity. March and April are the hottest months, but the temperature rarely passes 31 ° C.

The precipitation in Mahé ranges from 2,900 mm in Victoria and 3,600 mm in the mountain slopes. Annual precipitation is somewhat lower on other islands.

South-East trade winds blow regularly from May to November, and it's the most enjoyable time of year. Most of the islands are outside the cyclone zone, but strong winds are rare.
Terrorism is not a major threat, but it should be aware of the overall risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks in public areas, including those frequented by tourists. There have been reports of incidents involving the hijacking of ships by Somali pirates in the waters of the Seychelles exclusive economic zone.
Crime levels are low, but you should take adequate and reasonable precautions, especially on beaches where thefts are increasing. Do not leave valuables in cars and beware of busier places - beaches, parked cars and lodges are prime targets for thieves.
Make sure your accommodation is well protected, especially after dark. Store valuables and cash, and if possible, deposit them in the hotel's main safe. Keep copies of important documents, including passports, separate from the originals.
Travelers should avoid being alone in isolated locations or sporting jewelery and valuable electronic equipment. In case of assault do not offer resistance.
The beaches of the large hotels are generally guarded, but should maintain the usual precautions inherent to the marine environment - currents, reefs, dangerous wildlife. Do not carry original identification and travel documents to the beach or isolated locations, nor credit cards and securities. Prefer group tours and preferably with a mobile phone.
Piracy is a significant threat in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. There are records of pirate attacks in areas ranging up to 1000 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia. In this context, sailing vessels are particularly vulnerable and therefore all sea voyages, which are mainly carried out by yachts and pleasure craft in the high seas (more than 12 nautical miles off the coast) in the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and part of the Indian Ocean.
You should therefore take the greatest precautions when traveling by boat. Any national vessel or nationals sailing between Somalia and the Seychelles should contact the European Union Mission "Atalanta" which patrols the seas off Somalia.
Health care
Contact your family doctor eight weeks in advance of your trip to see if you need any vaccine or other preventive measures. Marking a traveler's query is also advisable.
The health status of the country is satisfactory but hospital structures are unsuitable for accident or serious illness, especially in the more remote islands where there are often no doctors available.
Before traveling, make sure your health insurance covers any expenses you may incur in this country, including repatriation explicitly from the Seychelles.
Vaccination against tetanus and poliomyelitis is recommended, although none is required.

It is advisable to take sunscreens with a high protection content and insect repellents, as locally available ones are not only expensive but sometimes of unknown quality.
It is also suggested the consumption of bottled or boiled water, and avoid ice in beverages. If you suffer from diarrhea during your stay, you should seek medical care as soon as possible.
Electricity and Telecommunications
The electricity is 220 / 240V and 50 Hz.
It is advisable to have a universal adapter kit for the sockets.

The Seychelles have a modern communications service. Currently, there are two GSM and Internet networks operating in the country. Public phones are available on most Islands. If you intend to use your Portuguese mobile phone, it is advisable to check with your operator if roaming is available for this country.
Several Internet points and postal services are located mostly in the capital Victoria. However, the same type of telecommunications services can be found on the islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

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