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Usually good. However, in large urban centers it is advisable to observe the usual precautions against theft, particularly in crowded situations and in public transport (in particular railway stations, airports, subways, buses and trains) as well as on terraces, spaces shopping and hotel entrances.

National emergency telephone numbers:
- 110 (police);
- 112 (fire brigade and medical emergency);
- 116 and 117 (emergency physician outside normal consultation hours / ärtzlicher Notdienst).
Summer is pleasant and partly cloudy; the winter is long, very cold, with strong winds and almost overcast sky. Throughout the year, the temperature generally ranges from 0 ° C to 24 ° C and is rarely below -6 ° C or above 31 ° C.
The best time of year to visit Düsseldorf and perform warm weather activities is from mid-June to early September.
Main tourist points
Düsseldorf offers between May and June the Japantag, a traditional themed party with stages of cooking, sports, music and martial arts.
The Kaiserswerth district dates back to the last century, with historic buildings.
The excellent Goethe Museum, complete with facilities to learn about the life and work of one of the country's foremost poets.
Filmmuseum offers great alternatives to know the history of cinema.
The Stadtmuseum is a good place for those who want to know more about Düsseldorf's history.
The Rheinturm provides a privileged view of the city, go to the 234 meter tower.
Stiftung Schloss Und Park Benrath has a beautiful castle and a charming garden.
The Medienhaffen district, with buildings by renowned architect Frank Gehry.
Köenigsallee is a complex that brings together shopping malls, gastronomy and hotels and is affectionately called the KÖ.
Health and vaccination
No preventive measures are required. Germany has a good and extensive network of healthcare facilities and hospitals.
Pork is prepared in many ways, the region's wines and beer are the gourmet star products. The main course is pork leg, accompanied by a beetroot and potato garnish, and it can be served fried or grilled with sauce. Another traditional product of is sausage and dishes made with horse meat are also highly regarded in North Rhine. It is one of the main wine producing regions in Germany with a production of up to 70% from all over the country. The most distinctive beer in this area is brewed in Cologne - Kölsh, which tastes less bitter than Pils, but if you want to try the beer brewed in Düsseldorf you will have to order an Atlbier beer which is a large black beer.
Pfannkuchen is one of the most famous sweets, it is very similar to a crepe.
Düsseldorf is a city in western Germany known for its fashion industry and art scene. It is divided by the Rhine, with the Altstadt (Old Town) on the eastern bank and the modern shopping areas to the west. Dusseldorf is among the cities with the most efficient transport networks in the world. The city has cosmopolitan airs, futuristic developments and bustling cultural life.
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