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Ushuaia is a city in Argentina and capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego. Its name comes from the indigenous language yagan: ushu + aia (bottom + bay = deep bay), and it is pronounced in Castilian uswaʝa.
Its region has been inhabited by man for thousands of years, and was colonized by Europeans from the mid-nineteenth century, who installed missions to catechize the Indians. These, however, soon disappeared under the impact of the acculturation and devastation caused by epidemics brought by the colonizers.
The city grew slowly throughout the first half of the twentieth century, organizing itself around the setting up of a large prison, which brought many administrative officials and attracted new settlers, but also made a dark impression on the place.
From the middle of the century the prison was extinguished, the culture diversified and the progress was made faster, with the installation of several services, the improvement in urban infrastructure and the creation of governmental incentives for the establishment of new residents. Today the city is an important tourist center of Argentina and became famous with the slogan of the southernmost city in the world (The southernmost city in the world).
Tourism in Ushuaia has the most diverse leisure options. The sightseeing tours in Ushuaia are always accompanied by the beauty of nature. There are other adventure tourism options like: trekking and mountain biking during the summer. Already in winter, the options of adventure tourism in Ushuaia are ski, sledding and cross-country skiing.

Touristic tours in Ushuaia travel the Beagle Channel to El Faro, Lobos Island, La Pinguinera and Estancia Harberton.
The Tierra del Fuego National Park is the main tourist attraction in Ushuaia. There is a direct contact with the local flora and fauna, all together with the beautiful southern landscape. Bahia Lapataia is one of the favorite places of visit within the Park, the preferred option of those who have already made tourism in Ushuaia.

The End of the World Train is another tour of Ushuaia that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. Cerro Castor is the ski center, located a few kilometers from Ushuaia, a great tourist option in Ushuaia during the winter. Due to its altitude, it has an extensive season.

There are also tourist options in Ushuaia, which explore the city itself: nothing like a good walk along the seaside boardwalk and downtown, watching the movement of the ships and the old houses built with wood covered with zinc sheets. These are indispensable activities for those who visit the Argentinean capital of Tierra del Fuego, an option that is surely indispensable for tourism in Ushuaia.

The trip to Antarctica is from the port of Ushuaia during the summer. The boats cover 1,200 km in the middle of ice shelves, islands of abundant penguins, sea lions, elephants and seabirds.
In winter, lower temperatures are recorded in late July and early August, with an average of 1 degree. At this time the day has between 7 and 8 hours of light, but they are clear and bright.
The season to enjoy winter activities extends from June to mid-October on the mountain, being the longest in the region. Because it is a maritime climate, it does not suffer extreme cold, with the average temperature in the winter of 0º. In the month of June and July when the lower temperatures occur, occasionally days of less than 10º can be registered below zero.
Ushuaia is famous for its delicious seafood cuisine, where santola and black hake reign. Another of the specialties of the place is the "Fueguino sheep" that, due to the pasture that the animals consume on the island, with great contribution of saltpeter by the influence of the marine air, produce one of the most tasty and low meat in lipid content that can be obtained in the world. These delicacies are available at any time of the year and although there are establishments specialized in its elaboration, they can be consumed in most of the restaurants of the city. The magnetism of the place attracted chefs from other parts of the world, which is why you can taste dishes of international high cuisine in hotels and restaurants.
Official language
Argentinian peso
Documentation required
Citizens of border countries (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) only need the national identity document to enter the country.

Visa requirements for the rest of the world depend on each country in particular. It is suggested that you consult the consulate or embassy of the Argentine Republic of each country to know the requirement or not of them.
Health care
The following recommendations are for short trips, originating in North America or Europe and limited to Buenos Aires.

All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic for 4-8 weeks prior to departure.

Vaccination is advisable in the following cases:

hepatitis A - Recommended for all travelers

Typhoid - For travelers who can eat or drink great restaurants and hotels outside.

Measles, and Rubella - Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given.

Tetanus-diphtheria - The recommended revaccination every 10 years
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