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Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata is a city in central-eastern Argentina, located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the province of Buenos Aires.
Founded in 1874, Mar del Plata is one of the largest fishing ports in Argentina and is also a popular coastal tourist destination. It is also where the casinos in the Argentine Republic are located, thus attracting several gamblers, which further increases their revenue.
Being the most important seaside resort in Argentina, Mar del Plata boasts 16 km of white sand beaches, from the familiar La Perla to the north, to the popular Bristol in the center, and the sophisticated Faro to the south. Regardless of the beaches, expect to find large crowds, especially in the summer months.
Tourism in Argentina is characterized by many cultural offerings and ample and varied natural resources.
The great city of Mar del Plata is only 40 minutes by plane from Buenos Aires. Its population in the summer season reaches more than one million people. Basically, because this is Mar del Plata is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. It is called by the Argentines as "Happy Town" or simply "The Happy". Mar del Plata is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a great variety of landscapes combined (sea, mountains, forests and pampas) with exquisite architecture.
Both the city and its surroundings are worth visiting because of its natural and historical-cultural value. The urban image of the city is quite modern, alternating with magnificent Belle Epoque buildings, which witnessed the early years of the history of this beach resort, when the summer destination was the choice of the Argentine aristocracy.
The local port is one of the highlights not to be missed by the spectacular view when the fishing boats return at sunset. In this fishing pier, thousands of sea lions rest on the rocks, on the terrace between people, and even on boats. There is also the opportunity to book an hour of fishing trips and leisure trips on the open sea.
Close to the urban area, we can find old houses, colonial farms from the early 20th century, where visitors can stay or spend a pleasant day in the countryside. To get into the spirit of country life, one can book sulky tours, take a walk in the Tala and Curro tree grove, enjoy the flora, bird watching, and horseback riding on the beach, in the mountains, and along the streams.
From the top of the Sierra de los Padres, it is part of the Tandilia System you can see the houses of farms that surround the lagoon of the Padres. The rocky hills are ideal to encourage activity trips, including adventure tourism, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling, trekking, and paragliding.
The tradition of golf in the city was started by British immigrants around 1890. Helped by the quality and variety of clubs, significantly increasing the number of players and major tournaments. The city has five-level international golf tournaments, which offer professional golfers the opportunity to play each day in a different field.
The climate of Mar del Plata is oceanic. Rainfall does not vary much during the course of the year, however the average rainfall in summer is slightly higher than in winter.
Summer has many sunny and dry days, generating great variation of temperature throughout the day. Rains are caused by cold fronts. It is an extreme season, the temperature can reach values ​​near 40 ° C in the hottest days and values ​​near 5 ° C in the coldest days, with maximum of 14 ° C.
In winter the temperature does not change as abruptly as in summer, as the city is influenced by polar air masses almost all season. Although it rains a little less than in summer, the daily temperature varies less, due to many cloudy days and with high humidity.
Speaking of eating, Mar del Plata is the right place. The gastronomy is varied and accessible for all tastes and possibilities.
The dishes are made with the freshest raw materials of the zone of the farms, the fields and the sea.
From a breakfast with the classic Marplatenses sweets to the most elaborate and exotic international dishes, can be enjoyed in this city.
The Argentine beef enjoys a recognized world-wide prestige, and particularly the preparation of the barbecue since it forms an essential part of the Pampas cattle / cattle culture. The tasty FASADAS meats (barbecue strips or whole chops, chorizo ​​or empty steaks) and ACHURAS (chinchulines, sweetbreads, fat belly, criadillas, udder) can be tasted in many restaurants in Mar del Plata.
The commercial and gastronomic center of the port, located at Av. Martinez de Hoz and 12 de Outubro street, offers several alternatives, where you can taste the typical Paella and nice dishes with fish and seafood bases. You can also buy regional preserves and souvenirs.
The traditional Marplatenses souvenirs are classic wafers.
Among the desserts that are appreciated and consumed throughout the year, is the ice cream of Mar del Plata.
Argentinian peso
Official language
Documentation required
Citizens of border countries (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) only need the national identity document to enter the country.
Visa requirements for the rest of the world depend on each country in particular. It is suggested that you consult the consulate or embassy of the Argentine Republic of each country to know the requirement or not of them.
Health care
The following recommendations are for short trips, originating in North America or Europe and limited to Buenos Aires.

All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic for 4-8 weeks prior to departure.

Vaccination is advisable in the following cases:

hepatitis A - Recommended for all travelers

Typhoid - For travelers who can eat or drink great restaurants and hotels outside.

Measles, and Rubella - Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given.

Tetanus-diphtheria - The recommended revaccination every 10 years
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